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In house training courses in leadership, supervisor skills, customer service, telephone skills, assertiveness, receptionist skills, time management, presentation skills, appraisals, train the trainer and recruitment interviewing. Courses run both UK-wide and locally in West Midlands, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Wales. Design and marketing of course material and e-books.

Free Trainer Stuff

Handouts and exercises on communication, influencing tactics, listening and assertiveness:

Building Trust and Rapport. 15 tips to use

Child-Adult Influencing Exercise. Fun exercise in syndicate groups to help highlight some of the common tactics used in influencing

Communication. General handout on the nature of communication - what it is, its benefits, and choosing the right communication method

Conflict Resolution Tips and Tactics. Collection of 14 practical tips and tactics with a review form at the end to help delegates review their skills and plan improvements

Giving and Receiving Feedback handout

Identifying Who To Influence Exercise. A flip chart exercise in pairs helping delegates identify the people/ departments they most need to influence

Influencing Short Exercise. An opportunity to put the preparation, tips and tactics into practice in this short exercise

Keeping Communication Simple. Short handout from the ‘Campaign for Real English’ of where communication has become over complicated

Listening Skills. Group exercise highlighting good and poor listening behaviours

Listening Skills Exercise 2. A group exercise undertaken in 3 s

Observer Checklist. Useful for influencing role plays to help structure feedback

Preparing To Influence. Useful checklist as an aide de memoir when preparing to enter an influencing situation

Skill Practice - Aggressive, Assertive and Passive Behaviours. Delegate exercise with answers

Skill Practice - Using Assertive Statements. Delegate exercise with suggested answers

Skill Practice - Simple assertive role plays. Set of 3 quick role plays to demonstrate peoples’ assertive skills

Skill Practice - Managing the Boss. Set of 2 role plays to practice the skills of influencing upwards


© ABC Training Solutions Ltd Registered as a limited company in England & Wales Company No: 05669729. VAT Reg No: 936 7830 86

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